Three Different Types of Phone Service Options

Phone service options are always expanding. Every time that technology takes a step or a leap forward, there are more ways to communicate than there were previously. If you are currently in the market for telephone services, here are three of the most current, and common, choices.


Most companies that offer phone services cover cellphone/wireless services. This service goes by a variety of names; cellphone service, wireless, cell service, etc., but it all means the same thing. Usually, you pre-select your service provider at the time you purchase your cellphone or smartphone. However, a lot of people finish their initial contracts and sign up for service with another provider in "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) service plan. Some providers will even buy out the remaining time on your contract, but then you have to agree to stick with that provider for the duration in the new service contract.


Landline is any phone service that applies to a phone that is wired and/or plugged into the wall. It does not matter how the service is delivered, which could be over an internet connection, a digital connection, or "analog" connection. Very few people have landline service anymore, with the exception of businesses and the commercial sector. Still, a landline service can be helpful for detecting and identifying calls you wish to avoid or recording telephone numbers you cannot remember.


Satellite phones are similar to cellphones in that you can carry these phones anywhere. However, that is where the similarity ends. Satellite phone service relies on satellites to deliver range of calls on a national or global scale, depending on the plan you need. Consumers who buy satellite phones and services love the fact that they can get service in the middle of anywhere, and do not have to pay roaming charges.

Call quality is also reasonably good, so long as the satellite in use is right over your head in space. Typically, communications companies utilize these satellites for both phone and TV service. You can bundle and use both services from a single provider.

One, Two, or All Three

Most people prefer to only have one phone service and one bill to deal with. However, you may have your reasons for wanting more than one type of phone service. It is possible to get all three types of phone service mentioned above, but most communications companies rarely offer satellite services if and when they offer landline and cell services.

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