3 Physical Crowdfunding Bonuses To Help Encourage Contributions

As you launch a crowdfunding project, you want to reach large audiences and encourage multiple donations. One way to do this is with bonuses for specific donation amounts. Physical bonuses give something for people to receive in the mail as a thank you for their contribution. Consider the following bonuses and how they can help you achieve crowdfunding results. 1. Collectible Pins Celebrate crowdfunding projects with special pins for certain tiers.

How Augmented Reality Apps Make Celebrity Advertising Affordable

Many advertisers view augmented reality (AR) as a marketing tool of the future. In reality, mobile app users interact with AR every day. If you do not have an AR app, you and your advertisers are missing sales opportunities.  One big opportunity is augmenting your celebrity power. Here's how an augmented reality app development company can help you leverage celebrity endorsements, which are traditionally too expensive for most advertisers. Create an Immersive Shopping Experience

Helpful Tips For Small Businesses Using Cash Registers

If you have a small business that receives transactions from customers in the form of cash, you'll probably need to get a cash register. Once you do, it's important to remember these best practices for using this machine. Only then can you avoid a lot of future complications. Always Give Customers Receipts Every time a transaction is conducted with a cash register, a receipt will be printed off. It's important to get in the habit of giving customers their receipts before they leave and you handle another customer transaction.