Six Key Considerations When You're Selecting A Security Camera System For Your Property

Investing in a security camera system is one of the best things you can do to protect your property. You'll have to take numerous considerations into account when you're selecting the best possible system for your property, 

The following are six key considerations to take into account when selecting a security camera system


Security camera systems are designed to help protect a property from certain risks. You need to evaluate the risks your property faces in determining the design of your security camera system. Security camera systems most often provide protection against intruders and possible theft. However, they are also often used to monitor a property for safety hazards.

Identify the risks you want your system to protect your property against as a first step in selecting a security camera system. 


Your budget is one of the first factors you'll want to think about. Security camera systems vary a great deal in terms of cost. A basic security camera system could cost as little as $700. However, if you're selecting a system for a large property and want to include numerous cameras, you'll probably need to spend considerably more.

Deciding on a budget can help you narrow down your options when you're in the market for a security camera system. 

Camera resolution

One of the most important specifications of a security camera is its resolution. The higher the resolution of a security camera, the more it is likely to cost. Higher resolution makes it easier to identify intruders. At the same time, a low-resolution camera might be adequate for your needs if you simply want to see what's going on and don't need to see too much detail. 

Look at your camera resolution options in light of your budget. You can then choose an affordable camera with an adequate resolution for your needs. 

Camera placement

Consider how many cameras you want to have placed on your property and where you want them to be located. Most likely, you'll want to place them at entrances to your property.

Consider not only what entrances or parts of your property you want your cameras to look out on, but also the height at which you want your cameras to be placed. Cameras placed higher up can provide surveillance over a larger area. However, the camera image may lose some detail the higher the camera is placed from the ground. 

Storage of footage

You can choose between local storage and cloud storage for your security camera footage. It's ideal for many property owners to choose local storage. Security companies will typically charge property owners a monthly fee for cloud storage. Local storage allows property owners to avoid having to pay this fee. 

Features such as smart lights and sensors

Security camera systems can come along with many different features such as smart lights and sensors. Consider your lighting needs. Your security camera will be of no use at night if the area it is recording over isn't lit up. Smart lights can turn on when motion is detected in a particular area. 

You can also consider whether you want your cameras to record all the time or be motion-activated through the use of sensors. With sensors, security cameras can begin recording only after motion has been detected in front of the camera.