3 Physical Crowdfunding Bonuses To Help Encourage Contributions

As you launch a crowdfunding project, you want to reach large audiences and encourage multiple donations. One way to do this is with bonuses for specific donation amounts. Physical bonuses give something for people to receive in the mail as a thank you for their contribution.

Consider the following bonuses and how they can help you achieve crowdfunding results.

1. Collectible Pins

Celebrate crowdfunding projects with special pins for certain tiers. Just like the Olympic games, you can create pins with bronze, silver, and gold designs. The more a person pays for the crowdfunding project, the better pin they will receive. 

You can feature custom text on the pin, including "Gold Tier" or stick to basic designs. For example, if your project has a logo, then you can feature the logo directly on the pin. If you limit the pin release to the crowdfunding project, then you are creating a collector's project that only people who contribute will receive. 

The limited-edition pins will entice people to contribute more and seek out the extras.

2. Promotional Gear

Give free gifts to your contributors and help promote your company at the same time. The use of promotional products will help spread the word about your company. You can start out small with items like notepads or pens and move up to bigger promotional items for higher contributions.

For example, you could offer a free coffee mug for anyone who donates $100 or more. Browse through full lists of promotional items to pick the best items that relate to your project. For example, if you are launching a tech product, then items like a promotional USB drive could fit into your project. 

You can also plan to offer promotional gear for all of the lower tiers someone donates to. For example, if someone donates to a $500 crowdfunding tier, they may receive a promotional mouse pad along with all of the items in the tiers below like pens, coasters, and cups.

3. Holiday Bonuses

If you are launching your crowdfunding project around the holidays, then consider physical bonuses based around the holidays. For example, you could offer a signed Christmas card you send in the mail with a personalized message of thanks. You could offer a custom holiday ornament featuring your product or company logo.

The holiday bonuses will offer timely options and allow you to really promote your project during the final months of the year.

Use one or more of these ideas to take your crowdfunding project to the next level. To learn more about crowdfunding, look into best practices in crowdfunding.