How Augmented Reality Apps Make Celebrity Advertising Affordable

Many advertisers view augmented reality (AR) as a marketing tool of the future. In reality, mobile app users interact with AR every day. If you do not have an AR app, you and your advertisers are missing sales opportunities. 

One big opportunity is augmenting your celebrity power. Here's how an augmented reality app development company can help you leverage celebrity endorsements, which are traditionally too expensive for most advertisers.

Create an Immersive Shopping Experience

Of the 50 percent of smartphone users that shop online, 33 percent already engage with augmented reality. As more AR ads are embedded in noncommercial content, mobile user AR engagement is set to explode. Celebrity content will entice mobile app users to that content. 

While browsing a page of basketball sneakers, none may entice you to click and buy. If those sneakers are being worn by an MLB player as he makes a winning basket, however, you're more likely to click. With AR, advertisers are making regular content clickable. Once the shoes are clicked, AR can provide an in-depth 3D view of the treads, suspension, and cushion of the shoes favored by the basketball pro. 

Embed Clickable Sales in Celebrity Content 

How often have you wanted to buy a fashion item worn by celebrities but not even known the brand? Advertisers on the most popular social media platforms are using AR to make these items salable. 

Imagine admiring a celebrity's t-shirt on their social media site and being enticed to click on it. An AR display might reveal that the t-shirt is available in your favorite color. AR-enabled mobile apps can bring your brand and those of your advertisers immediately to life. 

Increase Your Celebrity Advertising Power

With an augmented reality mobile app, you can leverage celebrity power at an affordable cost. You will not find most A-list celebrities in t-shirt ads. They're too expensive. But most celebrities seek to monetize their social media accounts. Advertisers will pay them to wear their clickable AR products in their social media photos. 

Besides real celebrities, virtual influencers are gaining marketing power. Major brands are creating their own humanoids. Some social media celebrities participate in sponsored advertising. With an augmented reality app, you can create and own your virtual celebrities and influencers. 

You can consult with an augmented reality app development company on how to bring your products and services to life on mobile apps by using AR functions.