Helpful Tips For Small Businesses Using Cash Registers

If you have a small business that receives transactions from customers in the form of cash, you'll probably need to get a cash register. Once you do, it's important to remember these best practices for using this machine. Only then can you avoid a lot of future complications.

Always Give Customers Receipts

Every time a transaction is conducted with a cash register, a receipt will be printed off. It's important to get in the habit of giving customers their receipts before they leave and you handle another customer transaction.

The receipt shows exactly what the customer paid for with cash. So if you ever have a customer saying they were overcharged, you can quickly get back the receipt and look into the matter effectively.

It's like a form of documentation that can prevent a lot of headaches in the future. There will be some customers that tell you to just throw their receipt away, but it's still best practice to ask every customer to make sure. 

Keep Register Closed Between Transactions

Once a sale with a customer concludes, the person in charge of the cash register needs to close it immediately. This needs to be done every time between transactions because it provides extra security.

People will not have easy access to the money inside and that can give you added peace of mind throughout the work day. Keeping the cash register closed between each transaction also prevents employees from taking out cash themselves. 

Limit Access to Voiding Transactions

The void function on the cash register is an important function because it erases the transaction completely when a mistake is made. You need to be extremely caution with who has the ability to void transactions.

For example, if a customer pays and everyone at work has access to the void function, they could press it when a mistake wasn't made and then pocket the cash. 

You need to prevent this from happening, which is possible if you have only authorized personnel handle voids. It could be your store manager or an employee you trust that has worked for your company for years. 

Cash registers are used a lot in small business operations today because they make it easy to keep track of cash sales. As long as you implement the right protocol for your staff using these machines, you can save your company a lot of issues down the road. Learn more about a cash register for small business today.