Four Benefits Of Alarm Systems With Smartphone Apps

When it comes to home security, nothing is more important than making sure your family is safe. Alarm systems with smartphone apps can help you to do just that. Look for alarm companies with equipment that works with a security app, and consider these four benefits of this type of security system.

Live Camera Feeds

If your home security system includes cameras, you can view them on your mobile app. This means you can observe your children coming home from school while you are at work, and you can check your phone to see who is at the door when the doorbell rings. You can also monitor your home while no one is there and contact your security company if you suspect there is a problem. Live camera feeds also come in handy when you've hired a babysitter for a night out, as you can look to see if your children are being cared for properly. Your app can even send an alert if motion-sensing cameras are activated.

Remote Arming And Disarming

You can arm or disarm your alarm system without even being in your home. You can turn off the alarm before you leave your vehicle so you don't have to juggle bags of groceries when trying to disarm with your keypad. This feature also lets you grant access to dog walkers remotely or let your children into the home after school lets out. You can also make sure your alarm is armed if you forget to set it before you leave your home. You can also receive alerts when your alarm system has been triggered due to unauthorized use, so you can determine whether to grant access or contact the alarm company for help.

Smart Home Management

Use your app to turn the air conditioning or heater on before you get home so the house is comfortable, or adjust the temperatures as needed to conserve energy. Turn lights on and off at different times throughout the day to throw off would-be burglars. These features are ideal if you work long shifts or if you are away from your home for days at a time. This also means you can control your home's systems in the middle of the night without leaving your bed, so your home is illuminated for a midnight snack or heated up for chilly nights.

Alarm Company Support

Your alarm company can provide technical support through your app as well. If you are experiencing a problem with your security system, some apps let you open a help ticket or service order, which the alarm company can then respond to with the appropriate repairs. This means help is just a few swipes away on your smartphone.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system or you don't already have a security system installed, a smartphone-enabled home security and alarm system can provide the assistance you need and the convenience you want. For more information, contact a professional service such as Tele-Plus.